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Wiki News Article Reported on March 22, 2010
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17-Year-Old actor, who portayed as Nick David for the hit TV show of Disney Channel, North Pole Elementary, has suject that what is going to be the life after North Pole Elementary has ended next year. Hutcherson has already filmed nine seasons and two motion picture films. He is currently filming the tenth and final season for the show.

On March 5, the end of North Pole Elementary has begun. It woud make Hutcherson a little disappointed, but hopes that he can make not just an ending, but an official ending for the show. No spin-offs were planned.

Does this mean that one of the stars of the show are moving on, or were some of them were leaving Disney Channel for good? This includes for Dylan Patton, Keke Palmer, Hutcherson and sometimes the rest of the cast of the show. Alyson Stoner and Jason Dolley were staying to Disney Channel to do other things like Stoner filming the Camp Rock sequel, starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato as well as Dolley filming his new TV series for Disney.


Josh Hutcherson Talks North Pole Elementary Ending

What Will Hutcherson Do after his show ended? Will he retire acting or will he move on to do a different project?

Hutcherson is scheduled to film 15 episodes for the season finale this year. Production will wrap up this summer.

Their new movie, North Pole Elementary: The Sequel is hitting theaters at the end of spring break.