Ryan Sheckler is still making his plan to have a place to stay over his girlfriend Amy Tammie's home so that he and the Jane Hoop Elementary actress will be taking care of their relationship, due to their engagement. The 22-year-old and 18-year-old are worried that rumors are saying that the two have broke up, and saying that Sheckler is checking on some girls and Tammie agreed the skateboarder to have a place to stay with his girlfriend.

The actress is now a month left till her high school graduation, and her upcoming college attendance is three months away, and her entire acting career has been put on hold so she can focus working on both things she's planning to do for the future. She is attending to University of Miami for Fashion and Modeling class. It wasn't reported by a hacker named Stephanie Watson, whom cyberbullied Tammie in August 2010, saying that she is trying to kill her for her personality.

When she and Sheckler are together for a year and happy together, the two will announced in a few years to get ready for their marriage since Tammie decided to tell her entire family and friends that their wedding has been cancelled a year ago, because Tammie isn't ready for it yet. But she promises that she will begin it saying quote "In about five years."

Tammie previously dated her co-star Blake Brown for three years from 2006-2009. They did first met in 1999, but they didn't started the love seven years later. Ben Linkin and Barbara Blue both dated for five years before finally broke up in March 2011. Will Sheckler and Tammie stay together forever?