Jane Hoop Elementary
JHE Heroes in JHE5
Characters as seen in Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power
Universe Jane Hoop Elementary
First appearance Jane Hoop Elementary: The First
Founded Jane Hoop Elementary: The First
Location Jane Hoop Elementary Base
Owner Mayor James Watson (manager, 1-6)
Bella Watson (manager, 7)
Leader Danny Gorden (1-5, 6-7)
Alec Gutzwiller (6)
Cory Berning
Devin Gorden (Heroes Forever films)
Enemies Jane Hoop Elementary Villains

The Jane Hoop Elementary heroes are the fictional characters in Rita Christensen's Jane Hoop Elementary. They were first introduced in Jane Hoop Elementary: The First. Danny, Rebecca and Alec are known to be the chosen one of the team, while Cory and Jaquille become their backup. Danny is currently the leader of the team. In the later series, the team later gained new teammates. The heroes and mentor also have their backup, called the SWAT Team, as protection for their headquarters the Jane Hoop Elementary Base.


In Jane Hoop Elementary: The First, the First has given five children; Danny, Rebecca, Alec, Cory and Jaquille, telekinesis. As a result, they were toddlers when they have powers. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is under attack, so Mayor and Bella teleported the kids with super powers to the Jane Hoop Elementary Base, where they refused. Mayor, Bella and Naudia, Danny's cousin, become the heroes mentor.

In the meantime, after some mishaps, they eventually become heroes after foiling Dr. Catwoman's plan, in which she tricked them for doing something for the world, which ended up being wrong. Danny is chosen as the leader of the team, while Rebecca and Alec are his sidekick, and Cory and Jaquille are Danny's backup.

Towards the end of Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge, Goldenman is discovered that he is Danny's godfather. As a result, he ended up from being from Catwoman's side to the heroes' side. In the meantime, he is chosen as leader of Jane Hoop Elementary.

At the end of Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power, Alec replaced Danny as leader of Jane Hoop Elementary, due to his retirement as a result that Catwoman won't be returning anytime. However, she did return in Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland, making him becoming leader again. Afterwards, after Danny gets possessed by Catwoman, Alec is leader again in order to save Danny from Catwoman's daughter, Catgirl, to get married. The heroes also gets new teammates; Stephanie Slaven and Hunter Suggs, the heroes #1 fan, to save Danny. In the end, they ended up becoming members of the team, as well as Alice Kingston, their #1 fan.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush, Cory took the lead temporarily while Danny, Rebecca and Alec were away on a mission to find three objects to destroy Catwoman once and for all. After Catwoman's death, the heroes were married and retired from being superheroes. They used their children as their replacement.

In film version of Heroes Forever: The New Beginning, the new heroes were chosen to be Devin, Brooke, Kurtis, Erica and Kyle. Danny's son Devin was chosen as new leader of a new Jane Hoop Elementary member.


Alice KingstonEdit

Alice Kingston is the number one fan of the Jane Hoop Elementary heroes, where she has the biggest crush on Alec. She is described cheerful and has extremely long black hair (though brown hair in the films), in which Alec described her "annoying" "too young" to date him. She is the only child to parents Janet and Don. Her mother was murdered when she was only one years old. Alice first appear in Morphin the Power. She discovers about Goldenman's brother-in-law, Evan. He gives out specials, in which Alice grabs, until her father Don ended up getting hypnotized. As a result, her dad alongside other parents are heading towards their deaths, so she must help the kids, including Jack and McKenzie, to save the parents. Alice explained to Danny about the death of her mother. While questing her who killed her, she is unsure who did, and the suspect has remain unknown.

In Turbo of Catland, Danny got curious about the murder of Alice's mother after she explained to him. In the meantime, Danny gets possessed by Catwoman, so Alice decides to help Rebecca and Alec save him. In the meantime, Alice becomes member of Jane Hoop Elementary. As a result, Catwoman revealed to Danny that she murdered Alice's mother. In the meantime, Alice and other newcomer Hunter got close together. In The Final Rush, Alice and Hunter got close together. After Catwoman steals the Magic Ball and many mishaps with it, the two sneaked into Catwoman's Base to get it. As result, Alice and Hunter share a first kiss. They also joined the final battle where Alice kills Catwoman's daughter, Catgirl with the Final Rush, rescuing a wounded Rebecca.

In the epilogue, thirteen years after Catwoman's death, Alice is married to Hunter. They don't have any kids, but the two are happy for each other. College year occurs, and Alice and Hunter also got engaged.

Alice is portrayed by Lisa Black in the last four Jane Hoop Elementary films (2007-2011). She will return for the planned spin-off series, Heroes Forever, with Dee reprising her role in the films. She is a teacher of Devin, Brooke, Kurtis, Erica and Kyle at their high school.

Alice is ranked as the franchise's 8th favorite character.

Stephanie SlavenEdit

Stephanie Slaven is a close friend of Rebecca, who goes to the same school with her, and the heroes. Described having "dirty blonde hair", although a darker blonde than Rebecca's. She is first introduced in the sixth book, Turbo of Catland where she takes Hunter on a field trip. As the heroes relationship with leader Danny is falling apart, she and Hunter are joined by them to save him. Cory begins to develop a crush on Stephanie. Although, she does not got attracted back.

However, in The Final Rush the seventh and final book, she has gotten closer to Cory, eventually sharing a first kiss. Also, she joined the heroes into the final battle where Stephanie helped Cory and Jaquille kill Catwoman's boyfriend, Catman, her son, Catboy and Belle. Thirteen years after Catwoman's death, Stephanie is married to Cory and have two children; Kayla and Kyle.

Stephanie is portrayed by Anna Johnson in the last three Jane Hoop Elementary films (2009-2011).

Hunter SuggsEdit

Hunter Suggs is a huge Jane Hoop Elementary fan, unlike Alice. Described being spoiled with short blonde hair, he is first introduced in Turbo of Catland. Hunter decides to join Jane Hoop Elementary while trying to rescue their friend Danny from being possessed by Catwoman and being wed to her daughter, Catirl. In the end, Hunter and Stephanie joined the team. Hunter develops romantic feelings with Alice, in which she replied back, but did not confirm their romantic interest.

However in The Final Rush, Hunter and Alice got closer with each other. As the Magic Ball is taken by Catwoman, Hunter and Alice sneaked inside her base to grab it. As a result, the two share a kiss. They also ended up into the final battle with the villains, and they survived.

Thirteen years after Catwoman's death, Hunter is married to Alice, but they don't have children together. Also no longer have telekinesis, they instead become mentors of the headquarters, for Mayor and Bella's replacement, as the retired heroes' children become superheroes.

Hunter is portrayed by Andy Watson in the last three Jane Hoop Elementary films (2009-2011). He will be appear in the spin off films, but played by Greyson Chance, who made his acting debut, and replacing Watson from the original films, because he quitted acting after the Jane Hoop Elementary films ended.


Mayor James WatsonEdit

Mayor James Watson is the mayor of Cincinnati, and owner of Jane Hoop Elementary. He is married to Mrs. Bella Watson for over 20 years.

In The First, Mayor was dating with Miss. Watson at the night of their honeymoon, meanwhile spots attack at the hospital for young children, Danny, Alec, Cory, Jaquille and Rebecca attacks, Rebecca was kidnapped. Mayor and Miss. Watson takes off a form. Later, Mayor was familiar about Rebecca, from space. Mayor became the speaker and protector of Jane Hoop Elementary Base by Goldenman's Revenge to Final Rush. Mayor let out Goldenman joins with him and Miss. Watson in Goldenman's Revenge. In The Magic Ball, Mayor with Danny was fees by Cincinnati Reds congradulating them saving the world. In Catwoman's evil plot, Mayor defend off the Base, but Catwoman starts to use the Magic Ball and destroyed it.

In The Morphin the Power, Mayor gave Miss. Watson her surprise on 24th anniversary. Meanwhile, it is Evan's revenge, Mayor helps with Miss. Watson, SWAT protecting Goldenman, unable to stop Evan destroying the Base and killing Goldenman. In Turbo of Catland, after a battle with the villains, the villains enters the Base, and they were avoid by Mayor. Catgirl stabs him into the stomach, and fell of the window. Devastated, Mrs. Watson took his place as the president of Cincinnati. His grave is seen where Danny and Rebecca came for a visit in The Final Rush alongside Danny's brother, Robert. Throughout the story, he is brought back once seen by Danny, after apperently killed by Catwoman, who helped him become invisible.

Mayor is portrayed by Matt Dillon in all of the Jane Hoop Elementary films (2000-2011).

Mrs. Bella WatsonEdit

Mrs. Bella Watson (nee Thompson) is Mayor's very competent assistant, a statuesque redhead. She handles things the Mayor cannot, which is practically everything. Christensen described Miss. Watson, has shiny light blue eyes, furry brown hair and the taller from Mayor.[1] She also described her birthrate is on "December 1972",[1] born after a year before Mayor, but don't have white hair.[1]

In The First, Mayor and Miss. Watson were dating at their honeymoon night, meanwhile, heard a crash at Hospital, kidnapped Rebecca by aliens. Goldenman's Revenge, awarded Danny his award, that was stolen by Catwoman. Miss. Watson was married with Mayor. She find out on that Goldenman is a godfather, search around the world which family belong Godfather to. When she find out, he is Danny's godfather.

In Morphin the Power, she celebrates an annaversity with Mayor. And also, she gave Alice her locket to show Danny, Rebecca and Alec to described them a relationship between her and Catwoman. They traveled in time to Miss. Watson's high school years where she dressed as a geek and is bullied and picked on by Catwoman, leaving them sucpecious. Later, protects on the Base from new villain, Evan. Catwoman tells her and Rebecca about Evan from Purple Egg over 1600 years ago. After Base was destroyed, Miss. Watson tells Jane Hoop Elementary story of Morphin the Power, dangerous island has a new power "The Crystal Power", for on the "third power". In Turbo of Catland, she helps Jane Hoop Elementary adult members rebuilding the Base.

In The Final Rush, Miss. Watson was invited into a dinner party, with Mayor and others celebrating "No Evil",[1] she is not invited to Naudia and Alec's wedding, but still watch the wed with Mayor. Miss. Watson with Catwoman, was protected along with Mayor and Goldenman after attack of Black Buzzers. Miss. Watson uses a Black Buzzer and has carefully grabs to throw it using Goldenman's force field at Belle after releases it kills her in a electric stab. Following the conclusion of the battle and Catwoman's death, Bella decides to retire.

British actress Natasha Richardson, portrayed as Miss. Watson in the first six films. Before reprising her role for both parts of The Final Rush film adaptation, on March 16, 2009 the actress has skiing accident, and is send to the hospital where she is seen fine. But two days later, the actress has passed away from head injuries. Therefore, she will be replaced by Miranda Richardson for The Final Rush film adaptation,[1] thus the late Nathasha Richardson is not related to Miranda Richardson. Natasha died just two months after The Final Rush started filming. Luckly, her scenes were not yet filmed. Her replacement Miranda Richardson begin filming her scenes in April.

Backup TeamEdit

David JohnsonEdit

David Johnson was the member of the Jane Hoop Team as a SWAT of the SWAT group with two teammates of Maria Dawns and Michael Walker from 1994 for his marriage with Maria.[1] Christensen talks about a leader, David from SWAT Teammate. Described David is taller than Maria, and his birthday is on "April 11". He was born in 1966 and died in July 17, 2009.[1]

According from Christensen, David does first appears in the first novel in 1991, The First as a SWAT Teammate and has later become a member of the Jane Hoop Elementary. By the time when the young children, Danny Gorden, Alec Gutzwiller, Cory Berning, Jaquille Short, Naudia Gorden and Rebecca Henry were under attack, he first seen on the SWAT Helicopter with his two partners: Maria Dawns and Michael Walker. He makes up to test on Danny, Alec, Cory, Jaquille, Naudia and Rebecca telling them if they could start helping for the when the would became the protectors. As a result, announcing on the audiences about making out that Cincinnati, Ohio would be having superheroes who they would be save from danger. David takes off challenging from Danny and the gang viewing of the dangerous weapons. David help on when saws the town of the strange of the aliens kidnaps on Rebecca.

In Goldenman's Revenge, David was invited to a celebration of Danny's award celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio. In The Magic Ball, David search of The Magic Ball with Maria and Michael and other SWAT teammates and The Jane Hoop Elementary Gang also. Catwoman caught The Magic Ball first. After escape from Morphin the Power, The Base was destroyed. David protects on the Base, returning action with Maria and Michael, after they were frozen by Belle Lamar by The Magic Ball, but Danny saves them and everything. In Morphin the Power, David protects the Base, but trapped inside Evan's force field, while attacking it. He starts learn to destroy while shooting at Catwoman's Base.

In Turbo of Catland, David becomes a main character staying at the Base. In The Final Rush, David is killed in a final battle alongside other members and as well.

David is portrayed by Nick Richards in all of the Jane Hoop Elementary films (2000-2011).

Maria DawnsEdit

Maria Dawns was a Female SWAT Teammate. She portrayed as the member of a team. When by the time, protects out on Jane Hoop Elementary. Maria first appears in the first, The First.[1] Christensen described, Maria, was taller than David, not the tallest of Michael. She is not also taller than Miss. Watson. Christensen also described, Maria's birthday is on "July 18". She was born in 1967. A year later after David's birth. She has small blonde-hair, same hair color of Rebecca, and shiny bright blue eyes.[1]

In The First, David leads on Maria and Michael, they were as teammates. They begin joining with Jane Hoop Elementary. In Goldenman's Revenge, She continues on SWAT teamwork, celebrating of Danny's award. Danny's nightmare, After Maria and everyone disappeared causes Alec and Rebecca ended their relationship. Maria let out Danny to leave on to his friends. Later, the trophy was stolen and Maria helps everyone solve a clue Catwoman stole it. Maria finds the clue of the information about the trophy. In The Magic Ball, Maria was caught helping with Jane Hoop Elementary and other teammates of SWAT, search in Morphin the Power for The Magic Ball, but Catwoman finds first. They caught trapped in the force field of robots. They escape to destroyed Base by The Magic Ball. Maria caught asks for The Magic is dangerous, Rebecca has know about. In Morphin the Power, Maria helps to protect the Base and later, start shooting to Catwoman's Base. In Turbo of Catland, Maria help building The Base with David, Michael, Mayor, Miss. Watson and Mr. Kingston. Later after David gets killed at the end of the book, Maria is left heartbroken. She later admits to Michael that she has feelings for him after he died.

In The Final Rush, Maria and Michael are now dating each other thanks to the death of her then lover David, leader of SWAT teammate. She and Michael with "powerful" Catgirl having strong power, from The Magic Ball. However, she was killed in a explosion during the battle alongside Michael where each hold hands while dying.

Maria is portrayed by Jessica Alder in all of the Jane Hoop Elementary films (2000-2011).

Michael WalkerEdit

Michael Walker who worked for the SWAT Teammate. He is the youngest from David and Maria. His birthday is on November 2.[1] He was born in 1968.[1] Born two years after his two friends: David and Maria in 1966-1967. In The First, Michael became a supporting character with David and Maria, as his two best friends. In Goldenman's Revenge, Michael protects the Base all through the series, David was frozen by the The Magic Ball. After Catwoman's defeat, he is rescued. In Morphin the Power, he helps with David and Maria and other SWAT Teammates, as starts shooting at Catwoman's Base, damaging her status collapses her walls by a door.

In Turbo of Catland, Michael rebuild the Base with Mayor, Miss. Watson, Goldenman, David, Maria and Alice's father, David. In The Final Rush, He was caught on a evil spell by Belle and command to help to kill Jane Hoop Elementary. Cory and Jaquille starts a help to work to get the Magic Ball and undo the spell. Completes a task and turn Michael and other people normal, Michael helps a battles by David Maria with Powerful Catgirl with his friends: David and Maria. After the death of his leader David, Maria reports to be have feelings for him. Meanwhile in The Final Rush, he and Maria are officially dating. However, during the final battle, he along with Maria died in a explosion where the two hold hands to their deaths.

Michael is portrayed by Elliot Martinson in all of the Jane Hoop Elementary films (2000-2011).

Don KingstonEdit

Donald Kingston is Alice's father, first appears along with her in Morphin the Power, born in 21,July 1965.[1] Christensen described for Dave has black hair, tall, really thin and has big feet and brown eyes same appearance than her daughter.[1] He meet with Janet since high school. He was one of the football player. After high school, they got married. Don first appears into the fourth book, Morphin the Power. His wife and Alice's mother was murdered by Catwoman, even though the world does not know who was the suspect which became unknown for a couple of years.

In Morphin the Power, Don drinks a spell by Catwoman turns into a zombie, fall off cleft into Catwoman's garden, that was burning a fire, but Alice saves him. In his second appearance in Turbo of Catland, he joins SWAT Teammate and let protecting Base and letting Cory, Jaquille, Naudia, Stephanie, Hunter and Robert to save Danny, Alec, Rebecca, Blaze and her daughter, Alice. In third appearance in the The Final Rush, Don may die into the final book, but were saved with Danny, Alec and Rebecca in Morphin the Power. David starts dreaming of his wife Janet, at the wedding, were married. He and Janet have their born baby, Alice. Suddenly, has a nightmare of his wife's death. Don wakes up and looks on a family picture of him, Alice and Janet. In the battle, he helps a battle with a SWAT teammates, defeating Catboy. After the battle is over, Don has decided to become manager of Jane Hoop Elementary, as well as the Cincinnati's new mayor following Mayor's death from the events of Turbo of Catland.

Don is portrayed by Michael Shanks in the last four Jane Hoop Elementary films. Don will also be appearing in a series of five Jane Hoop Elementary films portrayed by new actor Jon Hamm, replacing Shanks after chosen not to reprise his role due to scheduling conflict.

Robert FosterEdit

Robert Albert Foster is Danny's older brother, when after have his chance, helping to save the world to the SWAT Team, to help with the Jane Hoop Gang. He has black hair and brown eyes, same from his brother, Danny. He was born on March 1, 1990 to March 16, 2011.[1] Robert was interest in wrestling. In Morphin the Power, Robert forced himself to join military school. After alot of training, he joined the Jane Hoop Elementary team as a new member. In Turbo of Catland, Robet becomes a much strong teammate of the SWAT Team as he helps her cousin Naudia to rescue his brother Danny after being captured by Catwoman by putting him uner a spell. Later, after leader David Johnson was killed, Robert decides to take his place as leader.

In The Final Rush, Robert, now a leader of SWAT Teammates, leads his brother Danny to head to the base safely without any attacks from Catwoman's army. So he leads one of his friends into a battle with them while Danny heads to the Base. Within Robert not shown up, Jaquille revealed that he is killed during a flight. He is stabbed to death by Catboy, while rescuing Naudia from getting injured and killed. He is buried him next to David Johnson. After his death, two more members Maria and Nick also have died meaning that lost all of the SWAT Teammates. Christensen originally wants the character to live, but she later decides to kill him off because there is no place for a scene a character can have.

Robert is portrayed by Jason Foster in the last four Jane Hoop Elementary films.[1]


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