Jane Hoop Elementary:
Goldenman's Revenge
JHE3 video game
Developer(s) KnowWonder, Warthog, Griptonite, Argonaut
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series Jane Hoop Elementary
Engine Unreal engine
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation, Xbox
Release date(s) November 12, 2003
Rating(s) ESRB: E
PEGI: 3+
Media CD-ROM, Nintendo optical disc

Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge is the third video game in the Jane Hoop Elementary franchise. This game was everywhere. This is an adventure and went well as the challenging game. It went for fellow teammates together as others games. This video game gave a rating "7" for violence and action mood. Lauched in support of the film film with the same title's theatrical release, the game was released on November 12, 2003, two days before the film's theatrical release.


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From a picture, Danny Gorden has return with his best friends, Rebecca, Alec, Cory, Jaquille and Naudia on their another adventure to fight off with Goldenman, Catwoman's new rival from Danny's stolen trophy however Catwoman creates the powerful beast.


  • Ben Diskin as Danny Gorden
  • Hynden Walch as Rebecca Henry
  • Don Harris as Alec Gutzwiller
  • Casey Kasem as Cory Berning
  • Khary Payton as Jaquille Short
  • Tara Strong as Naudia Gorden
  • Diana Rose as Dr. Catwoman
  • Ross Hill as Mayor
  • Tina Watson as Miss. Bella Watson
  • Sandra Green as Shego Dalma
  • Terrence Williams as Shadow the Monkeyman
  • Nick Richards as David Johnson
  • Jessica Alder as Maria Dawns
  • Elliot Martinson as Michael Walker
  • Arthur Walters as Goldenman
  • Sean Harris as Talking Monster


The Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge video game is released GameCube, PlayStation, and Xbox version this year of November 28, 2003, with team switching out of five. Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance made were really made the same couple, designing to compare when Danny made a practice with his superpowers at the beginning. Playstation 2 is very different from the Gamecube, PlayStation and Xbox versions, instead of team switching, it calls for by the time the team calls, puts camera on them as it blanks and puts the character in charge, and seems that the team were following him/her.

Reception Edit

The game itself has been received with mixed opinions - although this is common with tie-ins. Most critics seem to prefer the Wii version due to the wand-like Wii Remote controls.

  • ONM (Wii): 82%
  • (PS3): 8.0
  • (Wii): 8.0
  • X-Play (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360): 4 out of 5
  • IGN (Wii): 7.8
  • IGN (Xbox 360): 7.6
  • IGN (PS3): 7.6
  • IGN (PC): 7.3
  • IGN (PS2): 7.0
  • IGN (DS): 6.0
  • Gamestyle (Wii) 6.0
  • PSM3 (PS2): 56%
  • PSM3 (PS3): 55%
  • GameSpot (All versions): 5.0
  • Gamestyle (Xbox 360) 4.0
  • The Wiire (Wii): C+. The Wiire also awarded the game with the Family Friendly and Ease of Use awards.
  • Game Revolution: C-

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