Heroes Forever: The Stone of Death
Heroes Forever 3 soundtrack.png
Film score by John Williams
Released November 9, 2018
Recorded Summer 2018
Genre Soundtrack
Length 1:04:44
Superhero World chronology
Heroes Forever: The New Resolution
Heroes Forever: The Stone of Death

The Heroes Forever: The Stone of Death film score is a motion picture soundtrack recorded by John Williams, for composing music for the upcoming film with the same title, the third installment in the Heroes Forever film franchise as well as the eleventh film in a shared franchise the Superhero World.


All songs written and composed by John Williams. 
No. Title Length
1. "Theme Song"    
2. "The Origins of The Stone of Death"    
3. "The Story of Wolfman's Missing Daughter"    
4. "High School"    
5. "Brooke and Zayne"    
6. "Evil Has Returned"    
7. "I Am Wolfman's Daughter"    
8. "In The Jane Hoop Elementary Base"    
9. "Devin and Tara"    
10. "The Stone of Death Broken"    
11. "Wolfman's Plan"    
12. "Meeting Kate"    
13. "Tara Finds Out"    
14. "Fighting The Pain and Suffering"    
15. "Journey To Find Missing Pieces"    
16. "In Morphin the Power"    
17. "Kidnapping Bullies"    
18. "Meeting Cera"    
19. "Meeting Issac and Elijah"    
20. "Attack in the City"    
21. "Kidnapping Danny"    
22. "Skeletons and Monsters"    
23. "Retrieving the Stone of Death"    
24. "Disaster in Cincinnati"    
25. "Heroes Vs. Bullies and Kate"    
26. "Devin and Kate"    
27. "Rescuing Devin"    
28. "Devin Retries the Stone of Death"    
29. "We Can Just Be Friends"    
30. "Welcome Back Kirk Waters"    
32. "Stealing The Stone of Death"    
33. "Catwoman's Revenant"    
Total length:


The soundtrack was released on November 9, 2018, which is the same day of the film's release.