Dr. Catwoman
Author Rita Christensen
Country United States
Language English
Series Jane Hoop Elementary
Genre Action, Adventure
Publisher Scholastic Corporation
Publication date
July 28, 2007
Media type Print
Pages 118

Dr. Catwoman is a prequel of Jane Hoop Elementary, published on July 2007, written by Rita Christensen. The book is about a life with Salma Green, knowing to be as Dr. Catwoman, when starting to take over the world. The book is set 26 years before Jane Hoop Elementary: The First.


Salma Green is born on 15 November 1975 in Cincinnati, Ohio raised by her parents. Salma begins her personal life when heading to school meeting with Kristen Dalma and Daniel Carter, the three became best friends. While in school, Kristen and Salma were cheerleaders during their middle school and high school years, and Daniel is a football player. During a relationship with Daniel and Kristen, both of them hated each other, Kristen is noticing that Daniel is a dork and annoying, and he is noticing that Kristen is sore punk. They may be friends, but they were also enemies to each other.

Meanwhile, Salma met with Mark Green during their first day of 8th grade, when the two fell in love begin dating. During high school, she is jealous of Miss. Bella Watson, when thinking her as a female dork. Meanwhile, she also met Belle Lamar during their second day of grade 8. As they all gradulate high school, they went to the same college together, Salma thinking like they could be family. The four stay in with Salma, therefore she married Mark, and raise two kids Brian Green and Alicia Green. Meanwhile, she plans onto ruling the world, as she created her own homeplanet Catland. Therefore during The First, Salma along with Daniel and Kristen were translated into the fantasy world by The First. Salma has created her own catsuit calling herself as Catwoman, and with a help with Catwoman, Kriten called herself as "Shego Dalma" and Daniel calls himself "Shadow the Monkeyman" as the three team up to take over the world. With Jane Hoop Elementary, they made over a battle to take over.

Film AdaptationEdit

It is unknown if Dr. Catwomen will be adapted into a film, but since Rita Christenson confirmed there'll be a prequel trilogy for Jane Hoop Elementary, there could be a possibility that Dr. Catwoman will be the second or third film in the series.


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