Danny Gorden
Jane Hoop Elementary character
Danny JHE8
Blake Brown as Danny Gorden
in Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2
First appearance Jane Hoop Elementary: The First
Last appearance Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush
Created by Rita Christensen
Portrayed by Blake Brown
Trey Woodson (young)
Behavior Hero
Significant color      Red
Gender Male
Family Paula Gorden (mother)
Robert Raglin (father)
Spouse Rebecca Henry
Children Devin Gorden (son)
Brooke Gorden (daughter)
Relatives Naudia Gorden (cousin)
Robert Foster (brother)
Born November 17, 1993

Daniel Devon "Danny" Gorden is a fictional character from Jane Hoop Elementary series by Rita Christensen. He is a fictional student of Jane Hoop Elementary school, until he has been taken to the mysterious building into the city of Cincinnati naming it after his elementary school. He is chosen as the leader of the team.

Character InformationEdit

Christensen describes Danny as ordinary young man, who has gained something special when he was a baby, super abilities. Although, he did not notice until he has grown up as a kindergartner when he gets into a fight with his former enemy, but best friend, Alec. Christensen has she originally is going write the franchise that that will only be focusing on Danny's life when he is in school and was a superhero, but she felt like that the pressure for just only focusing on himself is just not fair for other characters to be included. Although, she did not only let the series to focus on the Danny, but his teammates as well.

Christensen confess that she would make the character African American because of Black History Month, which she admits that she was inspired while in school. She admitted that she was by many African Americans calling it "beautiful" and intents to make the character as an African American stating: "I may not be African American, but racism never allow any African Americans take lead roles, so I would demonstrate it and allow my African American character to take the lead role for the franchise, besides being just a racist white leading character."

Christensen admits that she is a huge Oprah Winfrey fan. It was also confirmed that the character's race was based on her father's race as being brave and independent. It is revealed that Danny is based on her father, who happens to be African-American, stating how her father inspired her, "there is always faith in you, and always stick with the positive, instead of the negative".


First bookEdit

Danny first appear in the first book of the franchise, Jane Hoop Elementary: The First as a infant. His parents; Paula and Robert, just gave birth to him. As soon after he was born, his mother describes her son that when he grow up, he will be a very happy child. However, The First, has fallen down to earth, and the mysterious light coming from it hits onto Danny, where his bones inside his body mysterious begin to change. After the bones finally ceases, Danny has now gained super abilities.

Five years later, a now 5-year-old Danny is set to begin elementary school at Jane Hoop Elementary. He become best friends with Cory and Jaquille, but unfortunately he got into an unhealthy relationship with bully, Alec. For months, He made fun of him by making him trip over on the bus. Later, at lunch, the two got into a fight where Danny accidentally uses his powers that almost killed Alec. The two later got suspended from school, but they later came back to school and got detention. Danny does not know that he has had super abilities. It was revealed by Christensen that since Danny has never used his powers since he was a baby, he does not remember using them. But when he was about three years old, Danny is playing with his powers by lifting blocks without hands, but with his powers instead, as part of having a great time for a three year old.

Danny also met a girl with extremely long hair Rebecca, where he begins to fall in love with. As notice, Rebecca also met him, and she also turn out that she also had a little crush on him, calling him one of the "cutest boy I've ever seen". Christensen states that Danny and Rebecca's romantic relationship is kind off like Romeo and Juliet stating: "you see one fall in love with something, but they also fell in love with you back".

Meanwhile, there is an attack approaching. In Cincinnati, Mayor James Watson and Mrs. Bella Watson reports that they want children who should be superheroes. They teleported Danny, also his best friends Cory and Jaquille, his enemy Alec, and crush Rebecca, to the Jane Hoop Elementary Base. They all refused because they don't know anything about being superheroes, despite that Danny has super powers. Cory, Jaquille, Alec and Rebecca revealed that they also gained super powers when they were kids, and they did not used them as well, meaning that Danny is not the only one who has them.

While, Danny and the gang are trying to head home, they were attacked by some thugs, until they are rescued by a woman wearing a mask, Salma White. She overhears that they have super powers. She assistance them for company. Later, it was revealed that they did something terrible, and found out that Salma is evil, where she is now renamed Dr. Catwoman, now the world do not believe them. Later, Danny found out that his cousin Naudia is in trouble, leading him, Cory, Jaquille, Alec and Rebecca back to earth, stopping Catwoman's evil plans for the first time, and became a success. Throughout the series, Danny remembers that it was The First that has given them superpowers, and kept it into the Jane Hoop Elementary Base for safety, but it mysterious disappeared.

At the end of the book, Alec and Rebecca are now friends with Danny despite that they worked together, where Alec said that Danny is no longer a freak, he is cool, and the two now have become best friends and fighting buddies. As for Rebecca, she also become best friends with him, but they no longer have a crush on each other, but they will always be good friends. Alec and Rebecca are chosen as Danny's best partner, with Cory and Jaquille are chosen as sidekicks, making Danny the leader of JHE.

Second to fourth booksEdit

In the second novel, Jane Hoop Elementary: The Cyber Escape, Danny, now 7-years-old, begins promoting one of his most popular video game of all-time. He learns that the video has been shut down a year ago because the ruetnr of Catwoman has threaten and taking over it in which she can use it to take over the world. Danny also learns that his #1 fan Kirk Waters is the most popular player in the world, in which he has gone missing. He is struggling to experience inside the video game and destroy the virus that is trying to make people to switch up into different bodies. He later enters the game and rescue his friend from being trapped. Throughout the levels, Danny spots Rebecca kissing Kirk which lead him heated with jealousy. Rebecca however speechs that she mistingly meant that she have true feelings for Danny over Kirk.

In the third novel, Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge, Danny, now 9-years-old, has a nightmare about two creature like humans, Goldenman and Evan fighting against each other, leading the two finally transform into dust after attempting to kill each other. Meanwhile, the gold small piece of lightning bolt, who appears to be Goldenman's soul, flashes inside the golden trophy, as it is set to make him fully reborn after being trapped inside lightning bolt for 13000 years.

After taking home the award for being called the best superhero ever, Catwoman realizes that she could use the trophy as his next plan to take over the world. She sneaked inside his room, and steals it, but it begin to activate, and Goldenman has become reborn. Doesn't remember anything, it joined her dark side to destroy Jane Hoop Elementary. It was revealed that Goldenman is a godfather, so Jane Hoop Elementary members begin searching on the web to find out who is which, until it was found out that he is a godfather to Danny, because it was revealed that Danny's super abilities are the same as his. It was revealed that when Danny and Goldenman are fighting against each other, the two have same super abilities and are both invisible.

In the fourth novel, Jane Hoop Elementary: The Magic Ball, Danny, now 11-years-old, had a terrible nightmare about a young couple Howard Lukins and Katie Ferguson were murdered by one of Catwoman's army, and the two discovers that the have gotten a mysterious and powerful object, The Magic Ball. He has now grown up as a pre-teen as well as his teammates and friends. As Danny returns to the Jane Hoop Elementary Base to stop Catwoman's yet another evil plan, they are warned by her army that Catwoman is now in control with the Magic Ball, and wishes to retrieve super abilities. Since she did that, she become stronger than ever and Danny is unable to defeat her. She also kidnaps the president of the United States. Later on the book, Danny lost all of his friends and teammates. As Catwoman freezes the world, and Rebecca is stabbed to death by Shego while rescuing Danny, Danny faces against Catwoman by himself at the Base. Still to powerful to defeat, Danny tricks her by reversing the magic that was used and wished it all back to normal and never exist again. He and the president escape back to the now restored Cincinnati.

Fifth and sixth booksEdit

In the fifth novel, Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power, Danny, now 13, is called by Goldenman that his brother-in-law, Evan is on the loose. Realizing that if Evan is Danny's second god-father, it was later revealed by Evan that he is not is second god father. Danny is not only focusing on stopping Catwoman from ruling the world, but also Evan, who joined Catwoman's side to help her take over the world. Although, Danny and the gang, Alec, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille focuses more to Evan because they think that he is far more powerful than Catwoman was.

Catwoman, her army and Evan entered the Jane Hoop Elementary Base and destroyed it, and Evan stabs Goldenman is the abdomen, and Evan has taken the heroes' powers away, despite that he puts a possession inside their body, that causes them to gain the evil version of themselves and fight against them. Danny fights against his evil self. As the gang loses their power, the evil Danny becomes even more stronger. Christensen explains that the gang has lost their powers because Evan is taking it all away from a evil version of themselves, where they could be the one who will get super powers, but the real heroes will lose them.

The heroes decides that the only way is to get their powers back and stop Catwoman's evil plan is to get The Crystal Power, hidden in Morphin the Power. After the teleported there, they found out that they are miles away from being there, the first power, and will have to journey on feet, which takes them months to get there. While walking, the gang were assisted by owner of the island, Dacia. She took them to the second power where she gave them their karate powers, and assist Danny the color red for water, and Dacia knew that Danny would be the leader of the group and said he is indeed the chosen one. As the went to the third power, and after fighting with random monsters, they finally retrieve the Crystal Power and got their powers back.

The heroes finally return to Cincinnati, they were stopped by Catwoman's army. Catwoman orders Danny to give him the Crystal Power, or she'll let their evil selves kill his friends, so he did and got arrested by the police, blaming them that they attack Cincinnati, which believe that it was their evil selves they attack it, which could be like they were the ones that done that. Afterwards, they escape from jail and ended into a final fight against Evan and the evil Jane Hoop Elementary heroes. They used their new powers to fight against them, while trying to get the Crystal Power back. They defeated them into space as they got decapitated by a meteor. Meanwhile, The Dangerous Comet is minutes of entering earth and destroy it, killing everyone, but Danny managed to use the Crystal Power to stop it from falling and disappears saving the world.

Towards the end of the book, and after saving the world, Danny and Rebecca share a first kiss, and the two later got romantically involved with each other. Rebecca admits to Danny that she has a crush on him, so Danny did the same thing. Although, from the first book, it was said that the two no longer has crush on each other, but their romantic interest has been rekindled years later.

In the sixth novel, Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland, Danny, now 15, began a romantic relationship with Rebecca. Danny became interested in motor racing following graduation, a hobby he sometimes shares with Hunter. Danny begins only to reserve on his friend but not to evil.[1] Later, Danny getss caught under a spell by Catwoman, he has headed to her Base. He begins to prepare battle with his friends, Rebecca, Alec, Cory and Jaquille, because, Danny was turned into a evil friend. Which, Danny ended up dating with Catwoman's daughter, Catgirl, despite of what she wants, a boyfriend, cheating on Rebecca. Her relationship quickly began to fade, which lead to a break up. Rebecca later found out that Danny was put on a spell so her and Alec decides to journey to Catland, a plan where Danny and Catgirl are getting wedded. Later on, the effects on Danny has worn off and he has turned back to normal.

At the end, Danny dumps Catgirl to get back with his team as well as rekindling his romantic interest with Rebecca again. After the battle, Goldenman told Danny that Catgirl has a spell potion hidden at Catwoman's Base that they choose to get rid of and never be used again, so they took it away to Evan's World. The villains later entered the Jane Hoop Elementary Base where they stole the Magic Ball the heroes kept, and Danny's ex Catgirl stabs the city mayor James Watson into the stomach and fell to his death. Danny tries to stop them, but unable to stun them himself, as Catwoman revealed that she murdered David Kingston's wife and hidding a secret. At the end, he revealed to his Rebecca and Alec that it truly happen. He told them that they have a journey upon them to stop Catwoman once and for all.

Final bookEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush, Danny, now 17, has a nightmare that his parents were going to get murdered by Catwoman. His friends helped Danny to return to the base saftely from Catwoman's army as she gains on control to take over the world by unleashing the Final Rush from the sky. Just months shy before hitting his 18th birthday, Danny is trying to keep the world safe to make him to celebrate his birthday without any attack of his world.

Danny later journeys with Alec and Rebecca as they start to go to three places - Morphin the Power, Evan's World and Turbo of Catland - to find all three objects - The First, The Magic Ball and The Crystal Power - to destroy the Final Rush. Within it, they were kidnapped by Catwoman, as she stole The Magic Ball from them. Meanwhile, they sneak out, without the Magic Ball, as she places it for safety.

Meanwhile, Danny, Rebecca and Alec continue on searching for The Crystal Power, which they caught it and head back to Cincinnati to get the Magic Ball. Thus, Danny is left to continue searching for the final pieces of the Magic Ball in King's Island. Plus when Rebecca and Alec kissed, he begins to threaten Alec, as he used his powers to deleted the things he has done to Rebecca incase he won't hurt Naudia.

Danny and the gang return back to Cincinnati where they all ended up along with other Jane Hoop Elementary members, SWAT teammates, and other super heroes into the final war against Catwoman and thousands of her murdered army. Danny envisions that Goldenman is in trouble, but is unable to save him. He is killed by Catwoman and Killer. While he is dying, his powers are draining, so he passed them to Danny, now making him more powerful than ever.

Danny envisions that Catwoman has a weakness. One of them is to kill one of her love ones including her friends and family, but her best one yet is to kill Danny. Danny has not figured out that Catwoman really wants him dead, because she really wants to kill him, and not anyone else.

As Danny headed over to Catwoman, she struck Danny into the chest with the Final Rush, which surprisingly killed him, or probably did not kill him. In his death, Danny sees Catwoman's tombstone inside his body, in which he did lower her weakness, and he might not be dead after all. As Danny learns about that, he sees other dead members; leader of SWAT David, Danny's brother Robert and godfather Goldenman, saying that he could still be the strongest hero to live or die.

Danny is later still not fully awake, where Catwoman reports to Cincinnati that he is indeed dead. As Jaquille gives out a speech about Danny's possible death, he eventually has awaken and into a final war against Catwoman. After all Catwoman's friends and family are killed, Catwoman becomes mortal and Danny gained a special super ability, in which he becomes more invisible and is able to touch the Final Rush that it does not kill him. He grabs it and throws it at Catwoman, killing her. After her death, he explains to Rebecca and Alec that Danny is indeed the strongest hero he can live or die for. However, he throws The Magic Ball into the water, damaging its power in case no other super villains could find it, but kept The First and The Crystal Power into the Base safety.

After the battle against Catwoman concludes, Danny finally decides to finish up his senior year in high school after taking some time off due always working as a hero. He eventually graduated from high school as well.


Ten years after Catwoman's defeat, Danny is married to Rebecca, and raised two children, Devin and Amanda. Devin is an elder son who is two years older than his sister Brooke. Danny retired from being a superhero where he begins his own life and works as a professor at a university college in UC. He also no longer has super powers. He told him that he should be leader of Jane Hoop Elementary as well.

Danny will be returning in the series with film franchise spin-off series, Heroes Forever film series where he now is retired and enjoying his life.



Danny is described by Christensen as a young boy with black hair and halo brown eyes, with a extremely large forehead and round face. His hair appearance to be as thick as a bush, and naturally has a curly afro. Sometimes, he could be seen with long hair and sometimes he could be seen with super short hair. Christensen states in a interview that Danny is a very charm young man who can do anything he wants. But while becoming a superhero, he realizes that he has never know that he was all that famous.

In the early series, Danny is natural thin as a young boy. But in the later series, he grew taller and become more muscular, and even as strong as Alec was, who also went from scrawny thin from childhood to muscular at adulthood. Both Danny and Alec grew taller, as well as Cory and Jaquille.

When he first got diagnosed with telekinesis as a infant, he first become a superhero from 5 years old from the first book all the way up to 18 years old from the final book.

Super abilitiesEdit

Danny was born with super abilities right after he was born by a shiny red diamond, The First in the beginning of the franchise, Jane Hoop Elementary: The First. As soon as he become a superhero, he admits that many superheroes; like Superman, Spider-Man or Batman, inspired him to become a superhero. He became the leader of Jane Hoop Elementary, after being praised by Mayor and Bella that Danny is a chosen one. They have given his signature color: red. He has many super abilities, such as climbing on walls like Spider-Man, able to read minds and has short temporary physic powers.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge, he gained a brand new super ability, by running in super sonic, as fast like a wind, meaning that Danny can run faster than vehicles. Christensen states that Danny got inspired by video game character, Sonic the Hedgehog, in which Christensen says she is not taking a idea from the character of the franchise. In Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power, after losing his powers to his evil self from Evan, Dacia gave him karate powers. With his color red, she has given him the power of water, which he is able to control the sea of ocean and liquid objects.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush, after placing the First, the Magic Ball and the Crystal Power on the edge of the Tyler Davidson Fountain, he gained a special power is that he will never get hurt or injured, in which he can easily touch the Final Rush without getting electrocuted to death by it, as he could use it to kill Catwoman easily. Christensen explains the reason why he is the most powerful superhero to live or die for is because he "is the ultimate one, even if when your a superhero, but your far much as a very powerful one, you could still live as long as you want." Although, in the epilogue of The Final Rush, he did not keep his power for long as he has instead given them to Dano, his son for retirement. He told him that he can become a superhero as long as he want, but only until if he is ready to retire at a old age.


Danny is the only child to parents Paula Gorden and Robert Gorden. Danny's mom, alongside grandmother Lizzie, was born in Georgia, but moved to Cincinnati after her father has gotten a job there. His full first name is given Daniel, but he is most likely being called by Danny for short. His middle name is Devon (which is pronounced DEV-on, besides DEV-in).

Towards the end of The Final Rush, Danny and Rebecca are married and have two children together. Their names were Dano and Dana Gorden. Although, due to Alec marrying to Danny's cousin, Naudia, they are now their cousin-in-law.

Film appearanceEdit

In all eight Jane Hoop Elementary films, 2000-2011, Danny is portrayed by Blake Brown. Brown was asked by producer Derek Todd for an audition in May 1999, which he was very nervous about playing Danny in a movie, but did admits that he enjoyed reading the Jane Hoop Elementary books and he indeed was involve to star into the books.

In a 2009 interview, Brown admits that his character Danny inspired him for making himself to feel like that he would be a superhero like many heroes from comic books, and he also said that his character Danny made Brown's inspiration to become famous for his acting career.

In December 2015, Brown will be returning as Danny in the sequel of the spin off series, Heroes Forever with Heroes Forever 2 (2017) and Heroes Forever 3 (2018). Danny is the father of two new heroes Devin and Brooke. However, Brown secretly made a small cameo in the first installment, Heroes Forever: The New Beginning. His character will have a much larger role in the sequels.


Danny is organized was created, to be the most popular book character before Harry Potter of the Harry Potter series by British author, J. K. Rowling.[1] This character is the most successful and powerful creation than ever, for his voice, he has spoke to English.[1] Danny is a leader, the superhero to provide as a American superhero-leader.[1] In his life, he is the most popular student of Jane Hoop Elementary, hanging out with Alec, Cory and Jaquille and date with geek/popularity alien/human girl Rebecca.[1] He is the second smallest boy after Cory, and brief taller than Cory and Rebecca.[1]

Despite being a main character in the series, Danny has became the fifth Book Crush of all-time,[1] the second "most handsome guy in the series",[1] and the second best character in the Jane Hoop Elementary series behind Goldenman.[1]


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