Alec Gutzwiller
Jane Hoop Elementary character
Alec JHE8
Ben Linkin as Alec Gutzwiller
in Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2
First appearance Jane Hoop Elementary: The First
Last appearance Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush
Created by Rita Christensen
Portrayed by Ben Linkin
Behavior Hero
Significant color      Blue
Gender Male
Family Mrs. Gutzwiller (mother)
Mr. Gutzwiller (father)
Spouse Naudia Gorden
Children Kurtis Gutzwiller (son)
Erica Gutzwiller (daughter)
Born June 30, 1993

Alec Victor Gutzwiller is a fictional character from Rita Christensen's Jane Hoop Elementary series. He first appear in the first book, Jane Hoop Elementary: The First as a bully to Danny. But after becoming a member of Jane Hoop Elementary with Danny, the two later become really good friends, after helping each other out successfully as well as Rebecca. He is chosen as sidekick to Danny, leader of the team, alongside Rebecca, but is the second-in-command leader of the team.

Character DevelopmentEdit

Alec is a enemy to Danny, but later, after signed up as a member of Jane Hoop Elementary member with them to save the world, he gained his friendship with him besides rivalry. Christensen reports that Alec is originally going to be a foil to Danny and Rebecca, but she decides that it's best that she wants him to become good friends with them, besides being a bully to them. Alec is based on bullying in real life who have teased her best friend and herself.

Christensen first though that Alec would been a big jerk to Danny, but as he joined the heroes, he later turn out to be a very nice young man. He has officially went from being Danny's worst enemy in school to his best friend when joining him as member of superhuman team, Jane Hoop Elementary. Christensen intents that about Alec becoming best friends with Danny, besides being worst enemies "you would have two boys hating each other, but ended up being very good friends in like 1 hour. Even if each enemies were signed up to work together, they should do well together, which can be team work, and it's a perfect way to gain friendship."


Jane Hoop Elementary: The FirstEdit

5-year-old Alec first appear in Jane Hoop Elementary: The First (1996) where he tripped Danny over on the bus while starting their first day of elementary school at Jane Hoop. Throughout school, Alec has been picking on Danny ever since, and it irritates him. As Danny fell in love with Rebecca, Alec attempts to foil his plan, by throwing food at him, in which he had enough. For so much how he really hates Alec because he is bullying him too much, he and Alec got into a fight during lunch. As things get personal, Danny uses his super ability that almost smash Alec's head, which could have killed him. The two later got suspended from school. Afterwards, the two still become enemies. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is under attack, as Alec, alongside enemy Danny, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille are taken a mysterious building in Cincinnati next to the Fountain Square. Alec reveals that he also had super abilities as well as Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille, meaning that Danny is not alone. After getting into fights with villains, Alec shares friendship with Danny, and the two become best friends. He apologies for picking on him. Later, Alec helped Danny, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille when saving the world. He also discovers about The First, and has a huge crush on Naudia, Danny's cousin.

Jane Hoop Elementary: The Cyber EscapeEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Cyber Escape (1997), Alec, now 7-years-old, celebrates the release of the new Jane Hoop Elementary reality video game. Once their #1 fan Kirk Waters was kidnapped into the game, he disagrees with Danny when trying to save Kirk inside the video game because it was a dangerous world, which he later changes his mind and decides to help because of trying not to lose Danny because he is his "special" best friend and he wanted to be always together with him forever. Alec and Danny must do because his parents are worried sick about him, and will not lose their son in the game forever. Alec than went with Danny, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille inside the video game where they were trying to save Kirk and destroy the virus in the video game. After destroying the virus, Alec offers Kirk to come with them, but decided to stay because it's the place he really lives. When Kirk has chosen his decision, Alec press the end button and lead them back to the real world.

Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's RevengeEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge (1999), Alec, now 9-years-old, got jealous for Danny receiving an award. He declares that he was as tough as Danny, although Rebecca assaults about his jealousy as well as his behavior saying that only Danny should get one, so the two got into it. And worst, he and Rebecca have been fighting each other ever since comparing each other which is far better and which is worst. In the meantime, Alec joins the situation about the golden trophy being stolen from Danny, which later turns out that it transform into a man colored in solid gold, Goldenman, who was transformed into dust 13000 years ago after fighting brother-in-law. Goldenman does not remember anything until she joined Catwoman's side to attack Jane Hoop Elementary. It was found out that Goldenman is a god-father, in which appears to be Danny's. Alec got shocked when he heard about it as well as Rebecca, but without Danny's notice.

In the meantime, Naudia, Cory and Jaquille got kidnapped so Alec joins Danny and Rebecca to rescue them, after he got crazy that Naudia went missing. It could mean that his feelings between him and Naudia have grown stronger. While heading to Catwoman's Base, they got attacked by a large dog, known to be as Catwoman's pet Killer, that attacks Alec and takes him to the Base. As Danny and Rebecca found him, he is being tortured by Catwoman. As Rebecca shouts out that Goldenman is Danny's godfather, it stunts Danny about the report and it was true. Goldenman is taken to guillotine to get his head chop off for punishment, killing him. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of ghostly hallows from Goldenman and are attacking Danny, where there is an unseen person rescuing him. As Alec is unable to journey back in time with a broken leg, Danny and Rebecca went alone earlier before the night's event, where it was revealed that Goldenman is still alive, as he is seen escaping from is punishment. He officially become a member of Jane Hoop Elementary, and Alec and Rebecca finally make up ending their feud.

Jane Hoop Elementary: The Magic BallEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Magic Ball (2000), after his best friend suffered a nightmare, now 11-year-old Alec, as well as the gang, took Danny to the Cincinnati Bengals football game, thanks to his older brother and his girlfriend, to clear off his mind about it. Danny had a nightmare about a young couple getting murdered from mysterious object, The Magic Ball. It was revealed that he is a dye hard football fan, but he got devastated and angry that the football game is ruined by a bunch of thugs, known to be by Catwoman's Army. They attempt to kill Danny, and warned the heroes that Catwoman will be returning once again for her yet evil plan. As Danny explains to the gang about the Magic Ball, they head to Morphin the Power, but fails to grab it, because it was captured by Belle Lamar, Catwoman's new assistant. As the Jane Hoop Elementary Base was destroyed, Alec gets into a war against Catwoman alongside Danny and the gang. Alec went on a boat ride to Turbo of Catland, which Catwoman tricks them that she has the Magic Ball besides hiding it there.

Back in Cincinnati, the gang got into the final fight with Catwoman, who gained super abilities. Alec nearly got struck by the Magic Ball, but rescued by Naudia, which got frozen, and Alec was next frozen, and later Cory and Jaquille, and everyone from all around the world, but Danny and Rebecca, are frozen. However, Rebecca gets stabbed to death by Shego, leaving Danny alone to fight against Catwoman. Danny fights against Catwoman at her Base where the president gets kidnapped at. As Danny cancels wishes from the Magic Ball by reversing wishes everything back to normal and never restore it back again, he and the president escape, leaving devastated Catwoman, unfreezing Alec and the rest of the world, which is now back to it's normal place. As everything got back to normal, Alec's relationship with Naudia has become stronger, thus they are not meant to be together, just good friends. Although, Alec still have strong feelings for her.

Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the PowerEdit

Alec, now 13-years-old, has now grown as a teenager and more stronger in Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power (2001). In this chapter, Alec and Naudia are getting closer together, despite that the two never confess their romantic relationship. The two have been talking more often and never stopped, making Danny, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille thinking that they are in love with each other. Although, Alec lies that he is not, but he eventually admits it. Although, Naudia also got romantically involved with him, making Alec blush. Also in the mean time, he met up with his #1 fan Alice, who has a huge crush on him. Alec joins a conversation with the other heroes about the truth about Goldenman's brother-in-law, Evan after he was reborn from a giant green egg, which fell from space. Catwoman hatched it open releasing Evan inside, now he is up to no go, by taking revenge to Goldenman. Evan retrieves a small medicine on Alec, which he unexpectedly gained a evil version of himself as well as the other evil Jane Hoop Elementary members. Alec fights against his evil self. Although, since Evan created the evil heroes, it causes the real heroes to lose their powers, where Alec no longer lifts heavy things and their Jane Hoop Elementary Base gets destroyed and Goldenman is dying, after being stabbed by Evan.

Now, Alec and the gang must head to Morphin the Power, an island where it get it's power, by getting The Crystal Power so they can use it to restore their powers back. Before leaving, Naudia give Alec a kiss in a cheek. Although, Alec gave an actual first kiss to Naudia, and the two have fallen for each other. Afterwards, Alec journeys with Danny, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille to Morphin the Power. Only miles away from the Third Power, they met up with Dacia, who thinks that are trespassers. After hearing about the story of Goldenman and Evan, she took them to the Second Power to give them their new karate powers. Alec is given his signature fire, where he is able to control fire. After fight against monsters at the Third Power, the gang got the Crystal Powers and got their powers back and headed back to Cincinnati into a final fight against Evan and the evil Jane Hoop Elementary heroes. After saving the world and stopping The Dangerous Comets from falling, Danny decides to retire from being a superhero, meaning that he might take this to the wrong side, that Catwoman may be back, but he believes that it's time that he should take time off and spend his life just being normal. Afterwards, Alec becomes leader instead for Danny's replacement.

Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of CatlandEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland (2003), Alec, now 15-years-old, is the leader of Jane Hoop Elementary following Danny's departure. Although, Catwoman is no where to be seen, but they have been fighting different villains, and not one of them are Catwoman. However, they are warned that Catwoman is returning, and Danny made a huge mistake, so he decides to rejoin Jane Hoop Elementary, and become leader again. He apologies to them for not being there after being gone for a year. As Alec is now Danny's sidekick again after returning for the first time, Alec and Naudia both confirmed to be in a romantic relationship. Alec also met with lizard named Blaze, after he got attacked by one of Catwoman's army member, and confirmed that his family were kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Danny mysteriously disappears, so Alec, Rebecca, Cory and Jaquille begin searching him. When they met up with a man wearing a red hoodie to question on Danny's appearance, ran away from them. But later, he came back and attacked them before revealing that it was Danny under the red hoodie who attacked them. It was revealed that Danny is being possessed by Catwoman's daughter, Catgirl, who she escape from prison from the previous book. It was said that Danny has now joined Catwoman's side, meaning that the heroes lost their leader by becoming their enemy. Alec got devastated and does not like fighting his best friends. Although, he remembers that he is being a jerk the first time he met him, and he does not want to redo it all over again. Alec admits this is his first time fighting with his best friend, in which, again, Alec was a bully to Danny from the first book, and he does not like starting things all over again.

After the SWAT base and Jane Hoop Elementary base both burst into flames by Danny, Catwoman and her army, Blaze disappears so Alec and Rebecca head to Morphin the Power to search for him, until he got kidnapped there. Alec, Rebecca, alongside Alice, Jack and McKenzie joined together to save Danny, Blaze and his family, but they ended up getting into a bad side. They are heading to Turbo of Catland where Danny and Catgirl are set to wed. Alec and Rebecca were lowered to the volcano, sacrificing the two of them, turning themselves evil to attack a different member of Jane Hoop Elementary; Naudia, Cory, Jaquille and new members Stephanie and Hunter, their #1 fan. Naudia manages to fight against Alec, who is still possessed at that time. Naudia tripped onto the volcano, but she tricks Alec almost let him fall into it. Blaze and wife Martha used their powers to cure Alec and Rebecca. Rebecca later helped Naudia pull up Alec, but Rebecca accidentally dropped them to the volcano, but somehow disappear, meaning that they may or may not be dead. But turns out that they survived and made it out of the volcano alive.

In the end, the spell on Danny has worn off becoming normal, gaining friendship to Alec and the gang, and break up with Catgirl, canceling their wedding. Sometimes later, the villains breaks into the Base steals the Magic Ball, and Catgirl kills the Mayor as Alec and the rest of the heroes and everyone of the city of Cincinnati mourn.

After the mayor's funeral, Danny explains to Alec and Rebecca that Catwoman killed Alice's mother, Janet, which it was revealed from the previous book that it was Alice's mother, who bullied Bella back in high school. He also told them that Catwoman has already plan on giving out her yet worst plans ever, releasing dangerous weapon, known as The Final Rush, and it just gets too personal and Catwoman must be stop for good. Alec also found out that the only thing to stop the Final Rush and Catwoman is by getting three objects; The First, The Magic Ball (which Catwoman stole) and The Crystal Power and place them on the statue tombs of the Tyler Davidson Fountain to give each a special power to stop her. Danny also told Rebecca and Alec saying next year, they will have to stay at the Jane Hoop Elementary Base and not come back home because they have a journey to go to.

Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final RushEdit

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush (2005), Alec, now 17-years-old, has grown as tall as Danny and Jaquille and more muscular. After the events from the last book, Catwoman is raising an army that will defeat Jane Hoop Elementary. Alec, alongside others, disguises themselves as Danny, in order to keep Danny save at the Jane Hoop Elementary. He also agrees to journey with Rebecca and Alec to find The First, The Magic Ball and the Crystal Power. However, during a final battle, Catwoman accidentally drops the Magic Ball, but it disappears, meaning the Alec, Danny and Rebecca could have a change to find it hopefully before Catwoman does. After the battle, Danny's brother Robert was killed and Cory was injured.

Meanwhile, Alec helps a girl named Heather Woods escaping the building fire. In the meantime, he accidentally kissed her, causes him by cheating on Naudia, in which he did it on purpose and told her to find a boyfriend. However, Heather has fallen for him. And again, she gets attacked by a dragon, which she fell into the ocean drowning, where Alec came to a rescue. As Heather sees a shirtless Alec, she violently kissed her, as Naudia saw it and got devastated, so she broke up with him. As Alec is suffering emotional and behavioral disorders, he blames on Danny and Rebecca only focusing about their journey than him and Naudia's split. He furiously got into a huge fight against Danny, and later left. Alec has been gone for weeks, and either Danny and Rebecca have not mentioned him, as the two went to visit David and Robert's graveyard. While heading back to the Base, Danny got attacked by Catgirl, her brother Catboy and murdered high school student Luke, until Alec returns and rescued him. He apologies to him and Rebecca about his behavior and decides to begin their journey. He revealed to them that he has been taking medicine, otherwise his behavior and emotions would become a wreck for him.

Afterwards, Naudia and Alec has not spoken to each other ever since, and Alec thinks that he should move on and date Heather. However Mayor and Bella's anniversary became a disaster when one of Catwoman's army attack it, leading Alec, Rebecca and Danny to begin their. They find went to three places - Morphin the Power, Evan's World and Turbo of Catland - to find all three objects - The First, The Magic Ball and The Crystal Power - to destroy the Final Rush. Within it, they were kidnapped by Catwoman, as she stole The Magic Ball from them taken them to Catwoman's Base. Meanwhile, with the help of Blaze and Martha, the help them escape, without the Magic Ball, as she places it for safty, but while Danny and Luke are fighting each other, the two accidentally drop the Crystal Power and break into three pieces and disappears. Now they will have to find three pieces of the Crystal Power. As they escape from Catwoman's Base, Catgirl throws a knife as it killed Blaze while escaping.

After Catwoman retrives her superpowers again, Alec, Danny and Rebecca stayed over Alice's grandparents house. Later, they finished their journey heading to the Cincinnati Museum, the Winton Woods Park and King's Island. While at KI, Rebecca and Alec both appears to be having feelings for each other as they kissed, causing Danny to threaten him. Thus, Rebecca convince to Danny that she loves him more than Alec, where he feels guilty of being in another relationship and used his powers to make himself and Rebecca and Danny to forget about them kissing, incase he don't want to hurt Naudia again. As Luke Watson is trying to kill Cory, Alec stabs him in the back with The Final Rush, killing him. Alec finds his way to save the world and marrying to Naudia but failed and Danny saved everything. Catwoman's weakness is her friends and family dies, and kill Danny, in which he sacrifice himself to her. As he did, he is still alive. Three objects are place on the fountain that gives Danny the power to become invisible, and is able to touch the Final Rush without getting electrocuted to death, that he throws it at Catwoman and killed her. Afterwards, Alec and Naudia rekindle their romatic relationship.

After the battle, Alec returns to school to complete his senior year and eventually graduates. He also decides to retire from being a hero to enjoy his personal life.


Ten years later after Catwoman's death, Alec and Naudia are married and have two children: Kurtis Gutzwiller and Erica Gutzwiller. Alec retires from being a superhero and given up his powers. He works as coach at Mt. Healthy High School while his wife Naudia works as teacher.

Alec will be returning in the series with film franchise spin-off series, Heroes Forever film series where he now is retired and enjoying his life.



Christensen described Alec as funny, immature, but sometimes kind hearted and was always flirty with girls, especially Naudia and Rebecca. In the beginning, Alec extremely hates Danny at first, but later on, he has a crush on Naudia, and it turns out to be Danny's cousin. Christensen also revealed that Alec also takes medicine as well. She intents that Alec is suffering emotional and behavioral disorder, which is revealed in The Final Rush. In the meantime, Alec has forgotten to take his medicine, and that's the reason why Alec got so angry at Danny and Rebecca. It was never revealed if he is either diagnosed with it or if it is part of his disability.

Appearance Edit

Christensen creates Alec as one of Jane Hoop Elementary's strongest member ever, against Danny and Jaquille. Alec has spiky brown hair and brown eyes. Alec was as tall as Danny and Jaquille. In the early series, Alec is a scrawny, but very tough kid, but in the later series, as he grew older, he got extremely muscular. Christensen intents that he and Danny's friendship is so strong, they feel more like they are brothers. They have strong hatred in the past, but later turns out to be a strong friendship. From the beginning to the end, Alec was only 5-years-old when he first become a superhero up until he is 18 years old.


Alec becomes Danny's sidekick of the team. Despite being a tough kid, he eventually is known to be as the strongest and toughest member of the team. His color signature is blue. It was revealed that blue is not his favorite color, and he prefers red, which is his favorite color. Although, that is given to Danny, which represents as leader of Jane Hoop Elementary. His super ability is mostly with muscle. He is able to lift heavy objects, such as a car and a large garbage can. But as he grew older, he develops more muscular figure. He is also a skilled boxer and wrestler, and he can firmly punch and break things easily, like karate. In Morphin the Power, Dacia has given Alec a blue fire for his brand new power, the karate power. He is able to control fire and burn things with his firm hands. In Turbo of Catland, he also has the ability to become more talented at rapping, in which he beats other rappers in the competition.

Character portrayalEdit

Alec is portrayed by former child actor, Ben Linkin, in all of the Jane Hoop Elementary films. Linkin states he was super motivated to star into every Jane Hoop Elementary films even Hollywood wants him to.

Before reprising his role as Alec in Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland, the sixth film in the series, Linkin admits that he gained 20 pounds of muscle for the role because he wants his character to look much older, taller, extremely musclar and attractive. He feels like that his character is much bigger and stronger than ever. Christensen also admits that it was a perfect plan because she does want an actor playing a extremely buff character with muscular arm, bigger biceps and strong abs because Alec is growing up to be a handsome man, who has grown from a child to a young adult. She also conflicts that Alec has also grown stronger and taller than the previous series.

Linkin will be reprising his role as Alec in the sequels of the series spin off, Heroes Forever: The New Resolution (2017) and Heroes Forever 3 (2018). He is the father of two children, Kurtis and Erica, whom both are new heroes.


To state a rating, Alec is the popular character before Ron Weasley of the Harry Potter series by British author, J. K. Rowling.[1] Brief to rate of Alec is a hotshot himself the "Cool Kid", starts laying back relaxing and flexing his muscles perhaps.[1] Alec is ranked as the "most handsome guy in the series" beating Danny Gorden in second place,[1] as well as the fourth book crush of all-time behind Rebecca Henry, Hermione Granger and Jacob Black.[1] He ranks fourth best Jane Hoop Elementary character behind Goldenman, Danny Gorden and Dr. Catwoman.[1]

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